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G-Super Clean E - cleaning of evaporators of A/C units, fan coils, n° 12 plastic trigger bottles 1 liter

G-Super Clean E - pulizia unità interne condizionatori/fan coil, conf.ne 12 pezzi x 1 Litro - Foto 1
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Chemical Products "Ready" by GeneralGas Kryon® Chemical Solutions
G-Super Clean E, alcaline base product, ready to use, in trigger plastic bottle capacity 1 liter.
Particularly suitable for:
  • Air Conditioning Indoor Units
  • Split Air Conditioning Outdoor Unit
  • Split Fan Coil Air Conditioning

Technical features:

  • Oil and grease removal
  • Dirty cleaning-off
  • Sanitizing

General Information on Kryon® Chemical Solutions

Air conditioning system and refrigerating system maintenance implies the solution of a series of problems requiring the use of chemical products.

These products have been developed in such a way so as to solve any problem and to guarantee success of treatments needed.

Principal problems are:

  • cleaning and disinfection of evaporators;
  • cleaning of condenser;
  • treatment of heat transfer surface;
  • leakage detection.

Each problem needed a careful analysis of the chemical processes concerned. A special attention has been paid to the prevention of corrosion process that easily occurs because of the equipment made of differ metals jointed together (aluminium, copper, carbon steel) working in very oxygenated and humid places.

These are the typical conditions where a corrosion process takes place. Corrosion processes, if not properly treated, can lead to total oxidation of the material (for example aluminium fins of heat exchangers) or corrosion inside the tubes (for example copper and iron tubes of the heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, etc.). Our chemical know-how allows us to face and solve any problems excellently.

Disinfection of evaporators:

The cleaning treatment have to provide for a chemical attack on oxide, a solubilisation on solid particulate matter and oil/grease, and a sanitizing treatment for removing any bacteria, mould and spore. A special attention has been paid to the cleaning of surfaces in order to prevent oxidation processes: that is because those surfaces are always in places with condensed humidity where corrosion processes may always occur.

Cleaning of condensers:

Oxidization of the surface of aluminium fins, dust, smog, solid particulate matter, oil, grease and sludge: these are the typical problems in air condensers. So the cleaning treatment shall provide for both a chemical attack on oxides and a solubilisation of any solid particulate matter and oil and grease.

Anti-limescale treatment:

In case of water condenser, the cleaning problem is much easier to solve, even if the treatment is more difficult to carry out. Almost always we deal with limescale in the inner surfaces of tubes in which cooling water flows. So the treatment shall provide for awater-based solution able to solubilise limescale.

Leak detection:

Leakage Detection has always been a main requirement in the refrigerating plant. With the coming of HFC, this requirement is even more important, since the high fugacity of these gases. Here are the problems occurring with HFC: the use of flame systems is impossible because of the absence of chlorine; the use of electronic-sniffer leak detection is necessary; HFC molecules, smaller and fugacious, are permeable to usual bubble or foam leak detection used in other systems (hydrocarbons, methane, etc.)

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