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Evo Ultra - Concentrated Evaporator Cleaner - 250 ml.

Evo Ultra - Pulitore Concentrato per Evaporatori - 250 ml. - Foto 1
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Evo Ultra - concentrated Evaporator Cleaner - To be Diluted in water (50 ml each liter of water)

Evo Ultra is a formula of pure active substances that, diluted with water, creates an ultimate powerful neutral cleaner that removes even the most subborn deposits of organic residues, grease and incrustations and descales even the most stubborn deposits of rust and salt, restoring the evaporator efficiency.

The optimal recommended dilution is 50 mL per liter of water.

The supplied dispenser allows to obtain the desired quantity of cleaner with the precision that a so performing chemical product needs, without dilute the whole product in a single solution.

The extraordinary formula of these active substances allows to overcome the limits of water hardness; in fact, this product can be diluted with any type of water, including very hard ones and fo not leave any residue on the surfaces. It is the perfect solution to remove organic residues, grease and the most stubborn incrustations, leaving a pleasant fresh scent.

Particularly suitable to be used with Jet Gun - portable Water Jet Cleaning Machine, battery operated, for cleaning A/C Units


  • for Evaporators
  • concentrated, dilution 1:20
  • neutral cleaner
  • removes organic residues, grease and incrustations
  • easy to dose
  • scented


  • Shake the glass bottle to obtain a homogeneus solution
  • Dilute the product 1:20 in a container with the right quantity of water (water first) and shake
  • Turn off the system
  • Apply the product on the surface to treat
  • Wait for 5 minutes to allow the cleaner to performe
  • Rinse with plenty of water. 7. If needed, dry with soft cloth.


Avoid contact with delicate materials.

Evo Ultra must be used by experienced professionals, provided with the specific personal protective equipments.

Professional usage product: wear the appropriate protective uniform. Read the instructions on the label carefully


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