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Refrigerant Gases

  • Solvente Solstice® PF-C (HFO1233zd) in bombole pressurizzate con N2
  • Solstice® HFO1233zd(e)
  • R1234yf Solstice® HFO
  • 1234ze Solstice®  HFO ze BA&PG (aerosol ed espansi)
  • 1234ze Solstice® HFO ze grado refrigerazione (>99,5%)
  • R134a Kryon® 134a (vergine e rigenerato)
  • R23 Kryon® 23
  • R245fa Kryon® 245fa
  • R290 Kryon® 290 propano refrigerazione C3H8
  • R32 Kryon® 32
  • R404A Kryon® 404A (rigenerato e vergine)
  • R407A Kryon® 407A
  • R407C Kryon® 407C (vergine e rigenerato)
  • R407F Performax™ LT by Honeywell
  • R407H - Kryon® 407H
  • R410A Kryon® 410A (vergine e rigenerato)
  • R417A Freon™ (Isceon) MO59
  • R422A Freon™ (Isceon) MO79
  • R422B - Kryon® 422B
  • R422D Kryon® 422D (rigenerato e vergine)
  • R427A (FX-100)
  • R434A Kryon® 434A (rigenerato e vergine)
  • R437A Freon™ (Isceon) MO49 Plus
  • R438A Freon™ (Isceon) MO99
  • R448A Solstice® N40
  • R449A Opteon® XP40
  • R450A Solstice® N13
  • R452A Opteon® XP44
  • R452B - (Solstice® L41y / Opteon® XL55)
  • R454A - Opteon® XL40
  • R454B - Opteon® XL41
  • R454C - Opteon® XL20
  • R455A Honeywell Solstice® L40X
  • R507 Kryon® 507 (rigenerato e vergine)
  • R513A Opteon® XP10
  • R600a Kryon® 600a isobutano C4H10