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In every emotion
there's something wonderful
to preserve


In every journey
there's something wonderful
to preserve


In every trait of
nature there is something wonderful
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The CompanyGeneral Gas is an industry leader in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration sector bringing over 40 years expertise and excellence to our customers.

Our longstanding, well consolidated partnership with leading multinational Honeywell Fluorochemicals has enabled us to develop extensive know-how in RAC and deliver superior quality, innovation and regulatory expertise to our Customers with workable solutions. The General Gas range of products and services for the RAC market play a leading role in helping our customers
– wholesalers, contractors and end users - to meet and implement their environmental requirements in a changing world.

Quality & Certifications We adopt and are committed to following quality standards, such as UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and AHRI 700 specifications.

We love our business and are committed to provide high-quality products and services; we strive to understand and meet your actual and future needs and always aim to exceed your expectations.
We also support complete lifecycle management of our products, offering our Customers recovery and reclamation services; our facility in Milan is ISO 9001 registered and fully licensed by the Italian Ministry of the Environment as a waste management site for the recovery and recycling of refrigerants.
At our laboratory based in Milan we provide analytical and testing services for refrigerants, in full compliance with AHRI 700 standards.

Mission & Vision We strive to understand how our market is evolving and aim to be a provider of sustainable and efficient solutions rather than a mere supplier of chemical molecules.

We have developed our mission day by day, through our longstanding work experience done with passion and full dedication.
Keeping alive our ease of doing business and the ability to listen to and learn from our customers is at the heart of our commitment for now and the future. Therefore, our Mission is the compass which leads us day by day, rather than a slogan. We aim to help our customers to become industry leaders by providing them with the best products and up-to-date solutions.

Business Values

Our Business Values guide every aspect of our behaviour and activity at work, whether dealing with customers, suppliers or colleagues. Our values are equal to our short term and long term objectives and represent the shared beliefs of everyone who works for General Gas


Striving to understand and satisfy customers’ needs, from initial negotiations and agreements to the full lifecycle of the product supplied


To continuously improve the quality and performances of our products and services.


To constantly develop Technical expertise and R&D in our search for better performances and exceeding customer expectations.


We deliver innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions that suit your needs and help you to fulfil your regulatory obligations.


We are committed to safeguarding our children and our planet; so we manage all our processes, materials and human resources to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.


We are a passionate and close-knit team and we connect every personal achievement with our common vision and objectives.