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12 x High Pressure Cleaner for Evaporators and Condensers - POWER CLEAN IN - 600 ml - Package # 12 pcs.

12 x Pulitore ad alta Pressione per evaporatori e condensatori - POWER CLEAN IN - 600 ml - Confezione n° 12 pz. - Foto 1
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Evaporator and Condenser High-pressure Cleanser in Aerosol Can (600 mL)

POWER CLEAN IN is the right solution to clean evaporators and condensers, even when they are located in difficult position.

POWER CLEAN IN has been designed to obtain a constant and high supply of pressure.

This facilitates the removal of the dirt, which is accumulated in between the plates.

The high pressure works with POWER CLEAN IN cleaning action, in order to increase its efficiency, without wrecking the materials with aggressive substances.

Its powerful spray reaches elements even at some meters of distance and represents a perfect substitute when you cannot use the pressure washer.

No need to rinse.


  • Shake before using it
  • In case of close treatments, keep yourself 30 cm far from the unit to clean, with a grade that avoid the bounce of the product
  • Spray in small and consequential jets
  • In case of heavy dirt, wait 30 seconds and spray again
  • Spray inside the plates when the unit is off
  • In case of deposit, dry it with a soft rag
  • Switch on the system in order to let the remains evaporate rapidly
  • The product will be emptied in the condenser drain

POWER CLEAN IN should be used by experienced professionals, provided with the specific personal protective equipment.

Do not rinse.

Pressurized Can: do not approach free flames. Do not expose to heat sources.


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