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12 x Purifying Foam Cleaner for Evaporators - EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM - 400 ml - Package # 12 pcs. - Disinfectant registered in Germany (N69546)

12 x Pulitore Igienizzante Schiumoso per Evaporatori - EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM - 400 ml - Disinfettante registrato in Germania (N69546) - confezione n° 12 pz. - Foto 1
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Purifying Foam Cleaner for A/C Systems - Disinfectant registered in Germany (N69546)

EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM purifies the duct where air is distributed, by absorbing and expelling all the contaminants that can affect air quality such (as dust, dirt, allergens or microorganisms).

It also eliminates bad smells and leaves a fresh clean fragrance.

Its formulation has been designed to deliver the product in form of foam, therefore EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM perfectly adheres to the fins of the evaporator and ensures a high degree of effectiveness.

Thanks to its long cannula, the operator can deeply purify the system, ensuring the best distribution of the product ever.

We suggest the use of EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM in combination with INTERIOR PURIFIER, which is purifying treatment for interiors that completes the cleansing action of the room.


  • Shake well before use
  • Insert the cannula in all the cracks which have to be treated and dispense EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM as long as the foam comes out from the nozzle
  • In order to also purify the air ducts we suggest to move the cannula slowly while delivering
  • Wait until the foam is completely dissolved before running the system again

EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM should be used by an experienced operator, provided with the specific personal protective equipment.

Pressurized can, do not put close to flames nor to heat sources.



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