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6 x Biodegradable Condenser Cleaner - ECO RESTORE SPRAY - 1 lt - Package # 6 pcs.

6 x Pulitore per Condensatori ED evaporatori - Biodegradabile - ECO RESTORE SPRAY - 1 lt - Confezione n° 6 pz. - Foto 1
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Biodegradable Condenser Cleaner - Ready to Use

ECORESTORE is a useful cleaner for external units.

Designed in a green vision, ECORESTORE does not contain acids, phosphates, solvents and baking soda.

Its biodegradability is highly guaranteed thanks to the usage of natural surfactants: these present actually a higher level of biodegradability, even if compared to those ones requested by European laws.

ECORESTORE is not aggressive towards the materials and it results an extremely efficient and rapid cleaner.

ECORESTORE is a safe product and does not leave residues that can be dangerous for the environment. Furthermore it is suitable for the cleaning of condensers, even when these are located in dietary contests (the product was designed for the HACCP manual).

Instructions: spray on the surface to be cleaned, wait 5 minutes, rinse and dry with a soft fabric.

For an ideal cleaning process, repeat once a month.

Whether a particular cleaning level is needed, repeat the operation even daily or weekly.

ECORESTORE does not ruin materials and respect the environment.



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