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2 x Concentrated Condenser Acid Liquid Deoxidiser - BEST ACID COND CLEANER - 5 lt - Package # 2 pcs

2 x Disincrostante Acido Concentrato Liquido per Condensatori - BEST ACID COND CLEANER - 5 lt - Confezione n° 2 pz. - Foto 1
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Concentrated A/C and Refrigeration Condenser Deoxidizer - Dilution 1:6 in water

BEST ACID COND CLEANER is a deoxidizer acid cleaner for condensers in conditions of extreme sedimented dirty.

Thanks to its properties, BEST ACID COND CLEANER is a very efficient deoxidizer as it removes also the stubborn stain BEST ACID COND CLEANER is a concentrate solution that has to be diluted to easily eliminates oxidations, dried salt and scales.

It is the perfect product to reactivate the neglected systems, by improving their efficiency; it is especially indicated for deeply descaling the settled dirt in the voids of the finned coils.


  • Dilute BEST ACID COND CLEANER 1:6 with water
  • Spray on the surface that has to be cleaned
  • Wait five minutes and rinse with a lot of water
  • Before using BEST ACID COND CLEANER, is suggested to do a degrease treatment with alkaline base product (Cond Cleaner) in order to have a best result.

Avoid the contact with delicate or varnished materials.

BEST ACID COND CLEANER does not damage the metallic parts.

BEST ACID COND CLEANER must be used by experienced professionals, provided with the specific personal protective equipments.


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