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12 x Alkaline Cleaner for Condenser in Tablets - ALKALINE TABS - Jar 18 Tabs - Package # 12 pcs.

12 barattoli da 18 pastiglie, pulitore Alcalino per Condensatori in Pastiglie - ALKALINE TABS - Foto 1
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Alkaline Cleaner for Condensers in Tablets - to be diluted in 5 liters of water

ALKALINE TABS is a solution in Tablets, designed by Errecom in order to have an available Evaporator Cleaner for every situation.

A single 20 gr Tablet of ALKALINE TABS (which produces 5 L of cleaning product) has a significant degreasing and purifying power. Meanwhile, they are characterized by a pleasant smell.

ALKALINE TABS can be easily diluted in every kind of water (hardness does not matter): their formulation eliminates every calcareous excess and does not leave halos.

Once diluted in the water, the product will be soon ready to be used. Rinsing needed.

When it is completely mixed with water, this product is stable for a very long time: in this way, you can prepare the solution even before the operation.


Pick up a tablet from the blister, remove its plastic packaging and melt it in 5 L of clean water which should have been put in a proper container.

Wait until the Tablet is completely melted. Cover up and shake the container, if necessary.

Spray the right quantity of content, depending on the dirt, leave it for 5 minutes at least and rinse it with water.

Product for professional use, read the instructions in the document.


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