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Plastic Adapter AUTO for Syringes ULTRA System and Dyes - R134a

Adattatore AUTO in Plastica per Siringhe Sistema ULTRA e Dyes - R134a - Foto 1
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Plastic Adapter AUTO - R134a

To be used with syringes Ultra System:

  • Leak Stopper Extreme-Ultra
  • Extreme White-Ultra
  • Cool Shot-Ultra
  • Antioxidant-Ultra
  • No Acid-Ultra
  • Super Dry-Ultra
  • Compressor+

Also suitable for Syringes with Refrigerant Leak Detectors - Dyes AUTO:

  • Brilliant
  • Green Brilliant
  • Blue Brilliant
  • Red Brilliant

Adapters entirely made form plastic

Specific to cartridges (syringes) and  Push and Fill system.

Fitted with Safety valve

Flexible hose length 30 mm.
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