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30 x Dehydrating Additive (supplied with no adapters) - SUPER DRY ULTRA - Cartridge 6 ml - Package # 30 pcs

30 x Additivo Anti Umidità (senza adattatori) - SUPER DRY ULTRA - Cartuccia da 6 ml - Confezione n° 30 pz - Foto 1
30 x Additivo Anti Umidità (senza adattatori) - SUPER DRY ULTRA - Cartuccia da 6 ml - Confezione n° 30 pz - Foto 2
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Anti-Moisture additive for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

SUPER DRY ULTRA is the new dehydrating additive, able to prevent the formation of moisture and eliminate the one already present in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, avoiding the risk of corrosion and freezing in different areas of the System.

The new ULTRA formulation is faster and more effective than the previous one. It allows to insert only 1/5 of the product to obtain the same results as Super Dry.

It is compatible with all Refrigerant Gases, including CFC, HFC and HCFC and with all types of lubricants, with the exception of ammonia.

It is also compatible with all Errecom Additives, allowing it to be combined with any other for a coordinated action.

Its action is dual: it stabilizes the lubricant and absorbs the formation of water at the same time. The absorption of water gives rise to a new lubricant that restores the lubricating capacities that may be lost by old or waste oil.

SUPER DRY ULTRA can be chosen to solve problems that occur in a system in operation or as a preventive action. In this second case it stabilizes the Lubricant exclusively and waits for any moisture to appear in the dystem in order to neutralize it.

It circulates in the System thanks to the gas without altering its features and performances, it does not damage the gaskets and the internal parts of the refrigeration systems, it does not accumulate in the moisture filter.

SUPER DRY ULTRA is to be used in 1:80 dilution of the Lubricant volume.


  • Define the appropriate amount of SUPER DRY ULTRA for your system according to the volume of the lubricant contained (data available among the features of the System)
  • Identify the low pressure service port
  • Connect the syringe through a suitable adapter to the system in operation
  • Inject the product in the system with a firm and constant pressure until completion
  • Remove the adapter and the syringe
  • Let the System run for at least one hour

SUPER DRY ULTRA presents no danger to the operator. However, it is advisable to let only qualified personnel service the system.


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