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6 x Anti-Heat Gel for Soldering - PROTECT GEL SPRAY - 1 lt - Package # 6 pcs.

6 x Gel Anticalore per Saldatura - PROTECT GEL SPRAY - 1 lt - Confezione n° 6 pz. - Foto 1
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Anti-Heating Gel for Soldering and Brazing - Ready to Use

While welding or brazing PROTECT GEL protects from the heat the surfaces surrounding the point of contact of the flame.

Thanks to its gel formula adheres without dripping, creating a protective barrier that dissipates the heat from the welding torch.

PROTECT GEL is easy to use, is a safe and non-toxic product, acts without staining, leaves no residue and also protects the painted and varnished surfaces by color changes.

With PROTECT GEL you can avoid costly damages caused by the heat to components and materials.

Instructions: apply a generous amount of product around the point to be welded or brazed, thoroughly covering the areas to be protected. The pipes must be treated by covering the entire circumference to ensure proper heat dissipation. Proceed with the welding or brazing normally. If the working time lasts more then expected or if it proves necessary to work on further areas apply PROTECT GEL again. Once finished remove the product with cloth, paper or water.

PROTECT GEL must be used by a professional, with the appropriate personal protective equipments.


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