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Cylinder B-MAP 1 lt. / 420 grams - pack of 12

Bombola B-MAP 1 lt. / 420 grammi - confezione da 12 pezzi - Foto 1
Bombola B-MAP 1 lt. / 420 grammi - confezione da 12 pezzi - Foto 2
Bombola B-MAP 1 lt. / 420 grammi - confezione da 12 pezzi - Foto 3
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B-M.A.P. is a blend of special gases with high calorific value, suitable for brazing and braze welding operations. Flame temperature can be as high as 3.100°C and it’s 35% faster than propane. The B-M.A.P. cylinders are made of steel (built in compliance with EN12205 regulation); Its capacity is of 1 litre and contains 420 grams of product - CGA 600 Valve. Available in 12 and 6 cylinders packages.

  • Soldering up to 450°C.
  • Brazing from da 450 a 1100°C.
  • B-M.A.P. presents a high calorific value when mixed with either oxygen or air, resulting in higher speed of heat transfer to the metal, making welding operations quicker.
  • Use of non-toxic component and no chance of backfiring guarantee highest safety for operators.
  • Steady performance.
B-M.A.P. is a higly flammable gas. Contains pressurized gas; can explode if heated. Keep away from heat sources, sparks, open flames and heated surfaces. Don't smoke. Store in a well ventilated place, away from sunlight, at temperature lower than 50°C. Don't pierce, drill or incinerate. Don’t carry in a trunk, train or airplane.
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