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6 x DPF FLUSH - Liquid for the Cleaning of Diesel Particulate Filters - 1 liter - Package # 6 pcs.

6 x DPF FLUSH Liquido per la Pulizia dei Filtri Antiparticolato Diesel - 1 litro - Confezione n° 6 pezzi - Foto 1
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DPF Cleaning Liquid

DPF Flush is a non-flammable liquid, free of suspended metals, specific for the cleaning of diesel particulate filters.

Thanks to its peculiar chemical formulation, this product can deeply act in the honeycomb inside the particulate filter, easily removing carbon and soot residues that obstruct the normal flow of the exhaust fumes of the engine, and restore the functions of the entire exhaust system.

This liquid restores DPF original conditions.

It is necessary to rinse the DPF with DPF RINSE to complete the cleaning operation.

Suitable to clean the catalyst.

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