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12 x Cleaning Treatment for EGR Valves - EGR VALVE CLEANER - 400 ml - Package # 12 pcs.

12 x Trattamento di Pulizia per valvole EGR - EGR VALVE CLEANER - 400 ml - Confezione n° 12 pezzi - Foto 1
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Cleaning Treatment for EGR Valves

EGR VALVE CLEANER is a treatment suitable for all diesel engines with any power system.

Thanks to its dense and persistent foam formulation containing nanotechnologies, it cleans and unlocks the EGR valves clogged with residues of the combustion of exhaust gases, tar, carbon deposits, gums and lacquers.

The nanotechnologies of EGR VALVE CLEANER penetrate deeply into the texture of the encrustation, weakening its bonds and facilitating its detachment.

Its degreasing and descaling power makes it possible to free even paralyzed valves, bringing them back to their original efficiency.


  • High degreasing and descaling power
  • Suitable to cleaning turbo intake pipes and valves
  • Suitable for all diesel engines
  • It cleans the intake system and the flowmeter
  • It restores the air circulation towards the combustion chamber and eliminates the voids in acceleration
  • It ensures perfect combustion
  • It reduces fuel consumption
  • Compatible with all particulate filters and catalytic converters
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