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2 x Fluid for Automatic Flushing Systems of Refrigeration Lines - ALPHA FLUSH - 5 lt - Package # 2 pcs

2 x Liquido per Stazioni di Lavaggio Automatiche per Linee Frigorifere - ALPHA FLUSH - 5 lt - Confezione n° 2 pz. - Foto 1
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Fluid for Automatic Flushing Systems of Refrigeration Lines - ALPHA FLUSH - 1 lt - Package # 12 pcs.
Important: to be used with automatic flushing systems, only!

ALPHA FLUSH is a fluid specially developed in Errecom laboratories for proper internal cleaning of refrigeration systems.

Indispensable to ensure the proper performance of a unit, ALPHA FLUSH is optimal both for the application on new systems and to restore the efficiency of older lines (which have undergone intervention). On the latter, in fact, ALPHA FLUSH intervenes avoiding that any residues might damage the system itself.

ALPHA FLUSH removes protective lubricants deposited on the inside of the new pipes during an installation, the dirt both of the working process and that one penetrated through time in the pipes of a predisposition. Ideal for making a wash when a retrofit operation is performed, ALPHA FLUSH is also suitable for cleaning in case of replacement of a burned compressor.

Before any washing operation it is important to disconnect the compressor, the expansion valve filter and dehydrator: these components cannot be flushed.

ALPHA FLUSH is a fluid specially designed for any kind of brand and model, both electric and pneumatic, but it must be used with an automatic station.

ALPHA FLUSH, as a non-flammable product, neither damage the electrical stations nor constitute a problem in transport and storage.

Furthermore, this product is not aggressive towards the rubber parts of the washing station.

For large systems or in automotive we recommend to scrub during the cleaning.

Instructions: Load ALPHA FLUSH in the cleaning tank and connect the system where the sensing devices have been disconnected, such as the compressor.

Do the standard washing cycle and then dry with the nitrogen flow, as per instruction of the washing unit.

Dispose of the washing liquid according to current regulations.

It is a professional product, it is recommended to use clothing and goggles.


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