F-Gas Update 2021 - impacts and suggestions

F-Gas Update 2021 - impacts and suggestions

We are approaching the next cut in F-Gas quota (CO2e) allowed to be placed on European Union market, which will apply from 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2023.

GeneralGas is pleased to share with its customers an analysis on the implications of this further step in the application of European Regulation 517/2014.

The guide aims to address these issues:

a) analysis of the current situation

b) impact of illegal imports in 2018-2020

c) control actions in place by the competent authorities

d) availability of F-Gas quota (CO2e) in 2021 Vs forecasted market demand

e) actions to be implemented (conversion from old HFCs to new low GWP gases)

f) range of new products available, broken down by type of application

The document is made available, in the "DOWNLOAD" section for customers who will subscribe to the website www.generalgas.eu

You can sign in to GeneralGas website by clicking directly on this link: https://www.generalgas.eu/register_standard.php


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