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The solution for the collection and disposal of mixed waste
arising from maintenance
of cooling equipment


Thanks to Simply Pallet you can dispose of an entire pallet of industrial waste with one simple collection.
  • Customer Testimonails

    POE oil, mineral oil and mixture of chlorinated oil in cans/kegs

  • Customer Testimonails

    grease-stained paper/rugs, oil, silicon, filters, etc.

  • Customer Testimonails

    Empty metal cylinders/cans (diluent, paints, degreasers, solvents, ...)

  • Customer Testimonails

    Whole regenarated or non regenarated conditioning systems (air conditioner splits)

  • Customer Testimonails

    Compressors, condensers, evaporators, regenarated or non regenarated valves and tubes

  • Customer Testimonails

    Non regenarated compressors and splits

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