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Temper 55 - tank of 25 LT - 31 KG

Temper 55 - tanica da 25 LT - 31 KG - Foto 1
Temper 55 - tanica da 25 LT - 31 KG - Foto 2
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Temperature Range

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Temper : The secondary refrigerant fluid with high heat capacity
Freezing Point: -55°C
Package: Temper 55 - tank in the material plastic of 25 LT - 31 KG
Secondary Refrigerant Fluids are used every time it is intended to transport frigories produced by the primary refrigerating system to the recipient one through a non-freezing liquid product during operation. High specific heat, high thermal conductivity, low viscosity, compatibility with food are the main features of Secondary Refrigerant Fluids. Moreover they are eco-friendly, so they do not pollute the environment. 
These characteristics are all in Temper, a saline solution made from organic salts. Temper proved to be the best available solution so far. Temper is a secondary heat transfer fluid based on potassium acetate and potassium formate containing corrosion inhibitors patented by Temper Technology. 
The product is already diluted, and so it is ready-to-use and is available in 5 versions depending on minimum operating temperatures. 
Temper is used every time a heat transfer fluid is needed, in both static and mobile systems: 
  • food industry
  • supermarkets
  • artificial ski slopes
  • ice rinks
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • high temperature cooling systems.
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