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Refill of ACETYLENE Cylinder 14 Liters / 2 Kg. (Gas only)

Ricarica HandyGas (cambio immediato vuoto contro pieno) bombola ACETILENE 14 lt - 2 kg di acetilene - Foto 1
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€ 61,07 / Piece(s)
VAT excluded

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The indicated price is per unit, for the refill of the 14-litre container containing 2 kg of gas.

Important: in order to purchase this refill and have the immediate empty-to-full changeover, you must have previously purchased a cylinder with the HandyGas formula.

HandyGas: immediate empty-versus-full exchange service 5 and 14 litre cylinders of:

  • Blend Nitrogen 85%-Hydrogen 5%
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Acetylene

How does the HandyGas service work?

The customer, who has previously purchased from GeneralGas/SaldoGas the 5 and/or 14 litre cylinder (blend nitrogen/hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene), including the first gas charge, has automatically activated the HandyGas service, which entitles him to the subsequent "empty to full" exchange of his container.

With the HandyGas service, the customer returns to GeneralGas factory in Cernusco S/N Milan the empty cylinder(s) (previously purchased from GeneralGas/SaldoGas) and immediately receives a cylinder filled with gas in exchange.

The same type and quantity of full cylinders corresponding to the empties delivered shall be returned to the customer.

The empty containers will be inspected by branch/agency personnel to verify that the cylinder is duly punched GeneralGas and/or SaldoGas, that the cylinder valve has not been damaged and that the cylinder is compliant (no burn marks, incisions, obvious structural damage), subject to normal wear and tear from use (e.g. scratches on the paintwork of the cylinder)
The warehouse delivers the full cylinder to the customer (immediate "empty to full" exchange), charging the ADR transport (dangerous goods).

The full cylinder returned to the customer, although not new, is guaranteed to be in proper used condition, i.e:

  • equipped with a new  label
  • fitted with a new heat-shrink seal
  • fitted with a new plastic cap
  • tested, i.e. not expired

The customer only pays for the gas refill and does not have to wait for his own containers to be filled!


  • the empty-to-full exchange service is only possible with GeneralGas and/or SaldoGas punched cylinders; empty cylinders belonging to competitors will be handled in the standard way (the customer will have to wait 15 days for the technical time required to fill his cylinder)
  • filled cylinders corresponding to the number of delivered empties will be returned to the customer; if the customer needs more filled cylinderss immediately, he will have to buy a new HandyGas cylinder;
  • the cylinders received by the customer are different from those delivered, but guaranteed to be in excellent condition and properly maintained;
  • the cumulative certificate of testing of the receptacle can possibly be provided, upon specific request of the customer, at the time of purchase of the receptacle (the customer is however aware that once the empty cylinder is returned and the full one is received, the cumulative certificate will be different).


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