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R513A Opteon® XP10 in KryoBox cylinder 13,6 Lt. - 12,0 Kg. - T-PED

R513A Chemours™ Opteon® XP10 (HFO-HFC) in Bombola Kryobox 13,6 Lt. - 12,0 Kg. - Foto 1
R513A Chemours™ Opteon® XP10 (HFO-HFC) in Bombola Kryobox 13,6 Lt. - 12,0 Kg. - Foto 2
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Temperature Range

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Opteon® XP10 (R513A): Low GWP replacement of R-134a in commercial & industrial refrigeration
Opteon® XP10 (R513A) is a non-ozone depleting, low Global Warming Potential (GWP) hydrofluoro-olefin-(HFO) based refrigerant, with a GWP value particularly low (reduction >55% compared to R-134a), developed to replace, with close performance match, R-134a in positive displacement, direct expansion MT commercial and industrial applications.
Opteon® XP10 is safe and non-flammable, extensively field tested and supported by major equipment and component manufacturers.
Opteon® XP10 is suitable for new equipment as well as for quick and easy retrofit of existing systems.
Opteon® XP10 is miscible with POE lubricants.
Opteon® XP10 can be used in positive displacement, direct expansion MT commercial and industrial systems. Opteon® XP10 is also well-suited for use in centrifugal water chillers and to replace R-134a in the MT circuit of hybrid cascade systems with second stage operating with CO2.
  • Opteon® XP10 is azeotrope with zero glide
  • Opteon® XP10 offers energy efficiency and performance comparable with those of R-134a for new systems as well as for retrofit of existing systems
  • Opteon® XP10 is non-ozone depleting with a GWP equal to 572, remarkably lower than R-134a
  • No equipment/lubricant/seal changes required
  • Opteon® XP10 is safe and nonflammable (Classe ASHRAE - A1)
Recommended Lubricants:
Opteon® XP10 is miscible with POE lubricants.


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