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R452A Opteon® XP44 in KryonLight returnable cylinder 22 Lt. - 20 Kg. - T-PED

R452A Opteon® XP44 (HFO-HFC) in Bombola KryonLight a Rendere 22 Lt. - 20 Kg. - Foto 1
R452A Opteon® XP44 (HFO-HFC) in Bombola KryonLight a Rendere 22 Lt. - 20 Kg. - Foto 2
R452A Opteon® XP44 (HFO-HFC) in Bombola KryonLight a Rendere 22 Lt. - 20 Kg. - Foto 3
R452A Opteon® XP44 (HFO-HFC) in Bombola KryonLight a Rendere 22 Lt. - 20 Kg. - Foto 4

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    2141 (1945)
    IPCC AR4 (AR5)

Temperature Range

image image
Opteon® XP44 (R-452A): low GWP and no increase of discharge temperature in LT and MT refrigeration
Opteon® XP44 is a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) hydrofluoro-olefin based refrigerant with an environmental impact 50% lower than traditional R-404A/R-507. The product is non-ozone depleting and offers comparable energy efficiency vs. R-404A, whose availibility will be limited by the application of F-Gas EU 517/2014.
Opteon® XP44 is used in positive displacement, direct expansion transport applications as well as in LT and MT commercial and industrial DX refrigeration.
Opteon® XP44 is suitable in new equipment as well as for quick and easy retrofit of existing systems, can be topped off after leaks and does not require change of POE lubricant.
Opteon® XP44 is safe and non-flammable, and is approved and adopted by major OEMs of compressors and components.
Opteon® XP44 is suitable for LT and MT transport DX refrigeration (refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans, reefer containers).
Opteon® XP44 is also suitable for new installations and retrofit of existing systems in low and medium temperature commercial and industrial DX refrigeration.
Opteon® XP44 enables comparable performances and energy efficiency vs. R-404A and R-507.
Opteon® XP44 is non ozone depleting with a low GWP value of 2.141 (approx. 50% reduction vs. R-404A/R-507).
No increase in compressor discharge temperature compared to R-404A; can be topped off after leaks.
Opteon® XP44 is safe and nonflammable (Classe ASHRAE - A1).
Recommended Lubricants:
Opteon® XP44 is miscible with POE lubricants.


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Properties of Containers

The containers provided by GENERAL GAS Srl for the delivery and use of the product supplied, shall remain the exclusive property of GENERAL GAS Srl.
Where containers in which the Goods are delivered are to remain the property of General Gas, the Buyer shall return the same to GENERAL GAS Srl in accordance with General Gas’s instructions, empty and in good/safe condition.
The Buyer shall return the containers empty and in good/safe condition, ex-warehouse of origin at its own expense within:
  • refillable refrigerant refillable cylinders: 180 (one.hundred.eighty) days from the date of delivery
  • refillable refrigerant ton-tanks: 60 (sixty) days from the date of delivery
  • refillable high pressure industrial gas cylinders (nitrogen/oxygen/acetylene etc.): 60 (sixty) days from the date of delivery
GENERAL GAS Srl shall be entitled to retain any deposit given by the Buyer to General Gas in respect of such containers if they are not returned on or before the expiry of the specified period from the date of delivery.
If the containers are not returned in good/safe conditions, thus damaged in such a way to make their use dangerous or banned, GENERAL GAS Srl will be entitled to charge the Buyer of the replacement value of the container, counted at the manufacturer’s official price list value, effective at the date. Valves and fittings, if damaged or missing, will be charged the same way.

Proper Use of Containers

The Buyer shall not refill or use any cylinders/containers supplied by GENERAL GAS Srl for anything other than its permitted purposes, and shall not permit others to do the same. The containers shall only be used for the transport and storage of products for which they are intended; it is therefore absolutely precluded any different use. The containers supplied by GENERAL GAS Srl comply with the regulations in force; therefore, the Buyer will be the only subject responsible of the proper use of container. No responsibility can never be charged to GENERAL GAS Srl if the containers are improperly used or used by the Buyer for scopes others than the permitted ones. The Buyer is not authorized to deliver, even on a temporary basis, the containers - exclusive property of GENERAL GAS Srl - to others to make it fill; the Buyer is the sole responsible for the containers from the time of delivery until they are returned to the GENERAL GAS Srl warehouse.

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