R407C Kryon® 407C in Bombola DOT39 non ricaricabile - 13,77 Lt / 27 Bar - 11,3 Kg - Foto 1
R407C Kryon® 407C in Bombola DOT39 non ricaricabile - 13,77 Lt / 27 Bar - 11,3 Kg - Foto 2
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    1774 (1624)
    IPCC AR4 (AR5)

Temperature Range

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Kryon® 407C The refrigerant used in home air conditioning

Kryon® 407C is a zeotropic ternary mixture composed of HFC-32/HFC-125/HFC-134a. It has been developed as a replacement for R-22 (HFC-22). Il Kryon® 407C is a non ozone depleting refrigerant and lends itself to many uses in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Kryon® 407C is a zeotropic ternary mixture that, unlike azeotropic fluid, changes its temperature during evaporation and condensation phases, for a given value of pressure. Kryon® 407C has a moderate T° Glide (5÷7 °C). Therefore it is very important that Kryon® 407C is transferred only as a liquid state when charging a system, and not as a vapour state. That would cause a change in the composition of the refrigerant, which could damage the plant.
Kryon® 407C is used in home and small shop air conditioning systems.
Kryon® 407C is also used in water chillers not provided with centrifugal compressor, and in mediumtemperature refrigeration systems.
  • Minimum capacity reduction compared to R-22.
  • Because of its characteristics similar to R-22, Kryon® 407C can be used in conversion fluid in systems that usually use R-22.
  • Changes in the project to achieve a performance optimization are minimum.
Recommended Lubricants
When using Kryon® 407C in conversion of systems working with R-22, some changes in the system are necessary, as for example the replacement of lubricant.
Mineral oils and alkylbenzene lubricants are immiscible with Kryon® 407C. Please get in touch with the plant manufacturer for recommended lubrificant.

DOT39 cylinders and cartons

GeneralGas non-refillable cylinders are manufactured according to DOT 39 specifications.

Each cylinder is packed in high-resistance/high quality cardboard box, in order to make its transport safer and the storage easier.

Non-Refillable Cylinders are filled by GeneralGas by using a patented technology called “High Purity System”. Thanks to this technology it is possible to achieve the highest quality standard, as required by the major air conditioning and refrigerating system manufacturers, by keeping the gas humidity far below the maximum limit allowed by AHRI 700 standards (equal to 10 ppm).



Help protect the environment!
Carton of original GeneralGas Kryon® DOT cylinders will change from May/June 2018; we have adopted a 4-colors new printing technology using eco-friendly inks, with very low environmental impact.
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