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R32 Kryon® 32 - KryoSmart T-PED 1 lt / 0,8 kg. - 48 Bar - valve ½ 16 ACME LH

R32 Bombola KryoSmart 32 - 1Lt - 0,8 kg - 48 Bar - acciaio al carbonio - valvola ½ 16 ACME LH - Foto 1

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    675 (677)
    IPCC AR4 (AR5)

Temperature Range

Kryon® 32 (R-32) The low GWP alternative to R-410A in Air Conditioning systems
Kryon® 32 is an HFC refrigerant used so far as component in blends of R-410A ed R-407C.
Thanks to its energy and environmental efficiency, Kryon® 32 has been already used by major manufacturers of household airconditioners systems.
Kryon® 32 has a GWP - Global Warming Potential - considerably lower than R-410A. The product is used in low coolant temperature systems.
Kryon® 32 is a mildly flammable gas. Kryon® 32 needs the use of Polyol Ester Oil (POE), with a viscosity specific for R-32.
Kryon® 32 is used in residential and commercial air conditioning systems.
  • Kryon® 32 has performance and efficiency similar to R-410A.
  • Kryon® 32 has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) considerably lower than R-410A.
  • No equipment/lubricant/seal changes required (superheat adjustment may be required).

Recommended Lubricants

Kryon® 32 needs the use of Polyol Ester Oil (POE), with a viscosity specific for R-32.
KryoSmart® Cylinders with a small amount of refrigerant charge

In the field of automotive, the use of cylinders with a small capacity is very useful when refilling connecting pipes or conditioners. The advantage consists in marketing a cylinder that has a low market value, and therefore it is easier to sell it. Our KryoSmart® Cylinders are available 1 Litre size (in pack of 12 picies) and in 2,5 Litre size (in pack of 6 picies). KryoSmart® Cylinders are made of low carbon steel with a maximum working pressure equal to 48 bar.

KryoSmart® Cylinders are filled by General Gas with the use of a patented system called “High PuritySystem”. With this method it is possible to achieve a quality standard as required by the major air conditioning and refrigerating system manufacturers. This technology allows you to obtain a gas humidity below the maximum limit (equal to 10 ppm).
Therefore this type of cylinder (containing 800 gr. – 2 Kg) is the most suitable one to meet the needs of thermohydraulic market.


KryoSmart® Cylinders are used every time a small quantity of refrigerant is needed. They are mostly used in thermohydraulic market.


  • KryoSmart® Cylinders are manufactured in low-carbon steel and have a maximum working pressure equal to 48 bar.
  • A “Low Cost” and “Eco-Friendly”Solution.
  • Patented filling system “High Purity System”.
  • They reduce market prices
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