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R290 Kryon® 290 refrigeration grade 2.5-99,5% in T-PED refillable cylinder 13 Lt - 5 Kg (cylinder included) - valve W 20,0 x 1/14” LH

R290 Kryon® 290 (bombola inclusa) grado refrigerazione 2.5-99,5% in Bombola 13 Lt. - 5 Kg - valvola W 20,0 x 1/14” LH - Foto 1

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    IPCC AR4 (AR5)

Temperature Range

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The natural refrigerant for the plug-in's commercial refrigeration systems

Kryon® 290 (propane) is an hydrocarbon HC belonging to the linear saturated alkanes.Hydrocarbons are refrigerants which are exclusively composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms; these compounds occur naturally in the earth’s atmosphere, therefore it does not represent an environmental risk (greenhouse gas emission and ozonedepleting).

Kryon® 290, as all other hydrocarbons, is a highly flammable gas (ASHRAE safety rating A3). For this reason the safety implications must be appropriately considered during operations of storage, handling and transport. In refrigeration “plug-in” systems (e.g. refrigerated showcases and cabinets) propane charge does not exceed 150 grams.
Kryon® 290 requires the use of mineral oil in cooling systems’ compressors, thus avoiding humidity problems relating to use of synthetic lubricants.
Kryon® 290 is mainly used in commercial refrigeration systems, (positive temperature): supermarket refrigerated display case, ice maker machines, vending machines.
Kryon® 290 is also used in some low temperature industrial system.
  • The absence of ozone layer depleting substances and its extremely low greenhouse gas emission allowed Kryon® 600a to be used increasingly as refrigerant in low charge systems. 
  • Refrigerating systems with high gas charge can be only achieved when a confined cooling system and a transfer fluid are provided.

Recommended Lubricants

Kryon® 290 requires the use of mineral oil in cooling systems’ compressors, thus avoiding humidity problems relating to the use of synthetic lubricants.


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