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R134a Kryon® RAC in Kryobox cylinder 13,6 Lt - 10 Kg / 42 bar (handwheel valve 1/4)

R134a Kryon® RAC in Bombola KryoBox 13,6 Lt - 10,0 Kg / 42 bar (valvola a volantino 1/4) - Foto 1
R134a Kryon® RAC in Bombola KryoBox 13,6 Lt - 10,0 Kg / 42 bar (valvola a volantino 1/4) - Foto 2
R134a Kryon® RAC in Bombola KryoBox 13,6 Lt - 10,0 Kg / 42 bar (valvola a volantino 1/4) - Foto 3
R134a Kryon® RAC in Bombola KryoBox 13,6 Lt - 10,0 Kg / 42 bar (valvola a volantino 1/4) - Foto 4
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    1.430 (1.300)
    IPCC AR4 (AR5)

Temperature Range


Kryon® 134a - The reference refrigerant for motor vehicle air conditioning

KryonR 134a is one of the main product replacing HCFC gases and is the non-ozone depleting and non polluting option. The product has an energetic efficiency and a refrigeration capacity similar to R-12, but with a lower toxicity.

KryonR 134a is a reference refrigerant for motor vehicle air conditioning. It can be used in home and commercial refrigeration as well as in commercial and industrial air conditioning. KryonR 134a is one of the most common components in refrigerants on the market.


Kryon® 134a is used in all motor vehicle air conditioning systems.

Kryon® 134a has been developed for many applications in refrigeration, as for example supermarket display cabinets, cold rooms and domestic refrigerators.The product can be used in packaged centrifugal chillers.
Characteristics similar to R-12 in air conditioning system.
Slight capacity loss in low temperature applications.
Recommended Lubricants
Kryon® 134a requires the use of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based lubricants and polyol ester (POE) based lubricants.
KryoBox® Cylinders

KryoBox® cylinders are helpful every time a limited quantity of refrigerant charge is needed.

These cylinders are light and easy to handle compared to the traditional ones, therefore their transportation is much easier. KryoBox® cylinders are available in two formats, 6,4 liters and 13,6 liters; they are manufactured in full compliance with T-PED (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive) and are packed in high-strength cardboard boxes in order to make their transport and storage on the shelf much easier.

KryoBox® cylinders R134a (AUTO) are provided with a special quick coupling automatic valve that prevents leaks that usually occur with plug valves; standard valve 1/4” with handwheel and safety device is also available for all refrigeration and residential air conditioning applications. In addition, KryoBox® R410A cylinders are supplied with an adapter with outlet 5/16" SAE.

We have always been sensitive to environmental issues; with the “F-Gas-Friend”, General Gas has implemented the F-Gas Directive by buying back the refillable KryoBox® Cylinders, cylinders, so that they are not wasted in the environment and can be regenerated and filled again.


KryoBox® cylinders are light but they are also sturdy thanks to the protection of high-strength cardboard. Cardboard boxes are provided with a special aperture that allows you to connect the charging hose to the outlet valve, without having to remove the cylinder from its cardboard box.

Even in upside down position, it is possible to mount the hose in such a way that it is easy to open the valve while taking the liquid gas phase.

KryoBox® cylinders are refillable; they can be regenerated and filled again. In that case a yellow label (F-Gas Friend) will be stuck on the cylinder.

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