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Commercial Refrigeration PAG68 lubricant oil specific to CO2 viscosity 68 - Metal Tank 25 liters - Package # 1 pc.

Olio lubrificante Refrigerazione (PAG68) specifico per CO2 viscosità 68 - Tanica in Metallo da 25 litri - Confezione n° 1 pz. - Foto 1
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Temperature Range

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Errecom PAG 68 CO2 Oil - Lubricants for Refrigeration Systems working with CO2 (R744)

CO2 – PAG lubricants are composed of innovative double-end-capped polyalkylene glycols specially designed to operate under high pressure and high-temperature conditions typical of CO2.

They provide highly efficient lubrication for CO2 compressors and optimised miscibility with the refrigerant to ensure wear protection even at the highest levels of CO2 dilution, where alternative lubricants such as PAO or ABZ can reveal hydrodynamic lubrication loss.

Errecom's CO2 - PAGs are OEM-approved for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems working with CO2 and are available in different viscosities (between ISO 46-100).

CO2 – PAGs are characterised by:

  • double-end-capped technology with optimised miscibility with CO2: it maximises the oil return to the compressor to ensure full system efficiency, without loss of hydrodynamic or lubrication properties
  • excellent lubricating properties even under extreme pressure and high-temperature conditions
  • high-performance additives: they ensure excellent thermal, chemical and hydrolytic stability, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs
  • low hygroscopicity: it ensures lower water absorption than alternative R744 technologies (POE, PAO, Alkylbenzenes)
  • compatibility with metal and plastic components: it ensures optimised system’s stability and durability
  • high viscosity index and low pour point: they guarantee the full efficiency of the system and excellent lubricating properties even under extreme pressure

Technical data:

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