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Lubricant oil Emkarate® POE RL 22H - 20 Liter

Olio lubrificante Poe Emkarate® RL22H - Confezione n° 1 latta da 20 Litri - Foto 1
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Temperature Range

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Emkarate® POE Oil
Refrigerating systems and motor vehicle air conditioning use the following oils:
  • Polyol Ester Oils - POE, used with HFC gases;
  • Alkylbenzene Oils - ALK, used with mixtures for retrofitting;
  • Polyalkyl Glycol Oils - PAG, used with R134a in motor vehicle air conditioning;
  • Mineral Oils - MIN, used with HCFC.
Below are the main characteristics of these products: a good lubrication in the presence of refrigerating gases; a good solubility in cold gas sucked from the compressor; a low vapor
pressure and a low propensity to dragging in hot gas.
The wide range of General Gas products includes all Poe Emkarate® Oils. RL “H” Polyol Ester based-lubricants have been designed to be used in a range of low temperatures, whereas other lubricants fail. The new H-series provides superior performances in low temperature applications - 0°C -90°C.
Characteristics of purity of the Poe base and high performance of additives developed by Emkarate make these oils one of the best product of lubrication for the use with HFC refrigerants.
Emkarate Poe Oils are approved by the major compressor manufacturers such as Bitzer, Copeland, Frascold, Dorin and Gea Bock.
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