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60 x Leak Stop for Plastic Components - EXTERNAL P - Package # 60 pcs

60 x Turafalle per Componenti in Plastica - EXTERNAL P - Confezione n° 60 pz - Foto 1
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External Leak Stop for Plastic Components for leaks up to 5 mm.

EXTERNAL P is a Leak Stop that attaches to all types of plastics effectively sealing all types of leaks up to 5 mm.

Specifically designed to be inert and to resist if in contact with all thermal solutions, EXTERNAL P has a good elasticity and therefore adapts to the expansion of the pipe.

It resists normal flushing liquids and temperatures between -10°C to +270°C. The pressure resistance depends on the size of the leak.

Two fingers are enough to melt the two components of EXTERNAL P. The leakage will be closed in a few movements.

EXTERNAL P is ideal in case of emergency operations, in order to quickly restore a system. It also does not disperse residues in the system and can be easily removed to go on with a subsequent different type of intervention.

Once dry, EXTERNAL P can be sanded and finished.

EXTERNAL P can be also combined with the action of BLUET: first fix the greater leak from the outside and then complete the sealing operation from the inside. The two products are not only compatible, but also synergistic.


  • find the leak by using the usual detection methods
  • once the leak is identified, turn off the system, clean the application area with THOR to ensure a better grip
  • cut with a cutter or a knife a quantity of EXTERNAL P which is enough to create a ring all around the entire diameter of the pipe in the area of the leak
  • wear protective gloves and mix the two components for a while. The color must be uniform and you should perceive a slight sensation of heat
  • pull the mixture well on the leak, let it adhere well to the whole circumference
  • wait 24 hours for a perfect drying. In case you need to speed up the drying time, use a hairdryer or other heat source (N.B. non-direct flame).
  • once the product is dried, let the system run normally again
  • if you need to remove the product, spray THOR on it, wait a moment, grab the ring with pliers or spanner with a little pressure that does not deform the pipe and rotated in one direction.

For professional use.


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