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30 x Purifying Treatment for Interiors - INTERIOR PURIFIER - STRAWBERRY - 100 ml - Package # 30 pcs

30 x Trattamento Igienizzante per Interni - INTERIOR PURIFIER - FRAGOLA - Disinfettante registrato in Germania (N69547) 100 ml - confezione n° 30 pz. - Foto 1
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Purifying Treatment for Interiors – NO BIOCIDE

INTERIOR PURIFIER is a treatment that purifies the air inside a room.

It removes various contaminants from the air and leaves a pleasant scent.

Its continuous flow fills up the environment without wetting or leaving any kind of residue.

Air pollutants are captured by INTERIOR PURIFIER molecules and dragged to the ground without any possibility of release.

The product is available in seven pleasing fragrances: Talc, Strawberry, Peach, Mint, Lemon, Vanilla and Green Apple.


  • shake well the tank before the use
  • place INTERIOR PURIFIER at the centre of the room or on the car mat in a vehicle
  • press the button on the top of the tank and wait for the total emp-tying of the product
  • wait 10 minutes before entering the room or the vehicle cockpit
  • make sure that there are no persons and/or pets inside the room to be treated with INTERIOR PURIFIER
  • air out for 10 minutes.

We suggest the combination of Evaporator Cleaner Foam / Liquid, foam/non-foam cleaners for evaporators.

INTERIOR PURIFIER must be used by an operator with experience, provided by the specific equipment for personal protection.

Do not stay in the environment during the diffusion of the product.

The tank is under pressure; take away from open flames and do not expose it to heat sources.


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