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The ideal solution for the management
List of Refrigerant Gases Exhausted.


The economic and eco-friendly solutions for exhaust refrigerant gases management


• Provision of a low pressure steel cylinder (T PED compliant and tested by ISPSEL), suitable for containing R134a coming from emptying or regenaration of car and other vehicles conditioning system at the end of their life-cycles;
• Transport, collection and disposal of the waste contained in the cylinder, in compliance with regulations in force;
• At least one collection guaranteed at fixed price;
• Replacement of the filled cylinderwith another empty one (for non-stop service).


The BlueSky kit contains:
• 40 litres cylinder T-PED compliant (made for R134a) for refrigerant gas containment;
• Instructions about the maximum quantity of R134a recoverable from the cylinder (measured in Kg);
• Form to apply on the cylinder;
• Labels to apply on the cylinder.

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