R437A Freon® (Isceon) MO49 Plus - Bombola KryoSmart - 1Lt/900 Gr - 48 Bar - AC  - Foto 1
R437A Freon® (Isceon) MO49 Plus - Bombola KryoSmart - 1Lt/900 Gr - 48 Bar - AC  - Foto 2
    1805 (1639)
    IPCC AR4 (AR5)

Temperature Range


The refrigerant suitable for any sector

R-437A, also known as commercial trademark Isceon® MO 49 Plus, has been created as a refrigerant suitable for converting systems already working with R-12. It is used in air conditioning in motor vehicles and in fixed industrial and commercial refrigerating systems.
It is also used to 
substitute refrigerating mixtures containing HCFC in the refrigerating systems. We recommend not to use R-437A in refrigerating plants with liquid separator or plants with centrifugal compressor.


R-437A is used in refrigerating systems designed for R-12, as for example: air conditioning systems for motor vehicle, restoration systems, supermarket refrigerating stands, domestic freezers and refrigerators.


R-437A refrigerant does not damage the ozone layer, and it allows the use of already existing plants.
R-437A has a cooling capacity that is 10% higher compared to the R-12 cooling capacity, and a lower discharge temperature.

Recommended Lubricants

R-437A is compatible with mineral oil in motor vehicle air conditioning.

As far as R-12 refrigerating and air conditioning systems are concerned, R-437A is compatible with traditional and newly formulated lubricants. Most of the times changing the kind of lubricant in not necessary during retrofitting.
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