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Lubricant oil Kyron® AUTO POE - Carton # 6 cans - 1 liter

Olio lubrificante Kryon® AUTO POE - Confezione 6 Latte da 1 Litro - Foto 1
Olio lubrificante Kryon® AUTO POE - Confezione 6 Latte da 1 Litro - Foto 2
Olio lubrificante Kryon® AUTO POE - Confezione 6 Latte da 1 Litro - Foto 3
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Temperature Range


Kryon® Oil Auto: Synthetic Lubricant for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems

Kryon® Auto is a synthetic and polyol ester based-lubricant, which contains specific additives properly formulated for motor vehicle air conditioning and for operation in a range of low temperatures.
Kryon® AUTO can be used both with HFC R134a refrigerant and with the new HFO R1234yf withl ow GWP. Kryon® AUTO has been developed and specifically formulated in order to satisfy some requests of Mobile air Conditioning; the main features are:
  • Moisture lower than average ( ≤ 30 ppm );
  • Neutralizing power against residual moisture;
  • Acidity lower than average (< 1 ppm);
  • Higher viscosity index;
  • Low viscous friction index.
Kryon® AUTO is characterised by high solubility with cold refrigerant in vapour phase, high miscibility with refrigerants in liquid phase and low propensity to dragging in hot gas. Kryon® AUTO guarantees effective protection against wear and corrosion for all aluminum and steel components, so extending the compressor life and improving its efficiency.
Superior corrosion protection for all metals.
Limited internal friction for steel and aluminium surfaces.
Prolonged working life of compressors.
High stability at high temperatures.


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