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B-BRAZE Kit 1 is a professional set to use for construction and maintenance of systems in the HVAC&R sector - Refrigeration, Air Conditioning e Thermo-hydraulic.
The kit includes a case containing:
  • N° 2 B-M.A.P. cylinders- 1 lt./420 gr. eachone
  • N° 1 B-TORCH - Flame torch with SUPER CYCLON FLAME nozzle
  • N° 1 FINE FLAME nozzle
  • N° 1 MEDIUM CYCLON FLAME nozzle
  • N° 1 B-ADAPTOR - USA-EU adaptor
  • N° 1 Flexible hose
  • N° 1 Cylinder holder hook

B-M.A.P. is a blend of special gases with high calorific value, suitable for brazing and braze welding operations. Flame temperature can be as high as 3.100°C and it’s 35% faster than propane. The B-M.A.P. cylinders are made of steel (built in compliance with EN12205 regulation); Its capacity is of 1 litre and contains 420 grams of product - CGA 600 Valve. Available in 12 and 6 cylinders packages.

B-TORCH is a high performance flame torch for brazing with piezoelectric starter.It's employed in all high end brazing operations. E 'it used with any mixture of flammable gas - torch / cylinder CGA600 attack - regulator flame intensity - for flame-lock button. Including # 1 lance with nozzle SUPER CYCLON FLAME

B-Adaptor - Adapter B-Torch for use cylinder with thread EU 7/16 "


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