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Service monitoring and analysis of energy efficiency of refrigeration / air conditioning systems. The solution to reduce the maintenance costs, energy consumption and environmental impact.



The ClimaCheck® service provides to owners, technicians, energy consultant, and OEM of refrigeration and conditioning systems with a way to analyse their system's performance; The basic schema of any refrigeration systems is characterised by 10 measurement points that allow to retrace the entire thermodynamic cycle. Data analysis while the system is in operation provides the elements to find optimization strategies.

ClimaCheck® is based on the values (p, T) characteristics of the themodynamic cycle and the thermodynamic laws. Values reading is not a function of the type or the component's features of the system, thus ClimaCheck® results are totally neutral to the advantage of all the actors involved in the chain...



The ClimaCheck® service can be carried out una tantum using the portable version when a periodic test or inspection occurs; in about 30 minutes probes can be attached to the system to get the necessary data and a complete analysis of the working state of the refrigeration and/or conditioning system.

The ClimaCheck® service can also be carried out continuously, employing a data collection device to be installed at the monitored system's site; Gathered data is sent via the Internet to the ClimaCheck® database where it is stored and made available to technicians, energy manager and operators for analysis and reports.

Clearly, the system's working can be constantly monitored (24/7); If any anomalies crop up, the system can alert about these events via sms.


It can also be carried out continuously, employing a data collection device to be installed at the monitored system's site

Maintenance cost saving and system life extension

System stop due to faults may results in economic losses, even huge losses, and require many resources to be tackled; the continuous monitoring conducted with ClimaCheck® Service reduces system faults and failures, saving maintenance and periodic inspection costs. The ClimaCheck® Service limits inefficiency sprung from the use of a non perfectly optimized system, extending its lifetime.


Energy saving and reduced environmental impact.

Having a detailed analysis of the working conditions and health state of the refrigeration and/or conditioning system is a prerequisite every time the following is taken into account:

  • Usage distribution saving
  • Optimization and/or retrofit of an existing system
  • Investment for new systems

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